Banger of the Week: Only Sibling – Native

While I feel as though I could’ve been listening to this song back in the late 90’s on one of my high school mix CDs, “Native” by Only Sibling was just released a few weeks ago in 2020. Clocking in at only one minute and forty seconds, this song packs a punch in the short amount of time you get to spend with it.

“The members of Only SiblingAlex Basovskiy (vocals, guitar), Jordan Torres (guitar, vocals), Damian LaRocco (bass), and Alex Allen (drums)—met in high school and bonded over their shared love of ‘90s alternative, shoegaze, and emo.”

The song opens with a more emo rock vibe, but by the end is thrashing out some great guitar solo action reminiscent of something you’d hear from bands like The Darkness & Manchester Orchestra, even. I look forward to what else this band has to offer, as they hit me in all of the nostalgic feels, but with a modern twist.

Their new album, Get Well Soon, is due out this Friday, August 14th, from Other People Records. I just pre-ordered one of their limited edition vinyls for myself! For now, enjoy “Native” on our Banger of the Weeks playlist on Spotify:

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