Check This: Jelani Aryeh – Stella Brown

Artist: Jelani Aryeh

Song: “Stella Brown”

Label: No Matter

Genre: Alternative, Alt. R&B, Pop

While terrestrial radio has lost power over the last decade as streaming services and satellite radio have moved int to provide more personalized listening, I still find that certain stations are great places for discovering new artists (especially local ones). It was while browsing the website of San Diego’s 91x that I first discovered the track “Stella Brown” from alternative R&B artist Jelani Aryeh.

Inspired by the likes of Frank Ocean, Odd Future and Brockhampton, Aryeh’s musical journey has taken him from mumble-rap inspired soundcloud tracks to mellow acoustic pop to his latest release, the Uber-hummable bop “Stella Brown”. Coasting along on Aryeh’s mesmerizing delivery, muted power chords and a simple drum beat, the breezy, pining ode to a girl instantly gets stuck in your head while sounding like something Aryeh probably wrote all too easily.

Take a listen to this little gem in our Check This 2020 Playlist!

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