Music Video: Boo Riley – Boo Riley

Manhattan-based indie artist Austin Lesch formed Boo Riley in 2016 when he found himself unfilled pursuing acting. Meshing rock, 80’s pop, and indie sensibilities, Boo Riley have released a number of EPs, including 2019’s Mango Garry, which includes the group’s latest single “Boo Riley”.

The track has classic rock vibes with a funky groove, made all the more enriching by Lesch’s smooth, R&B vocals. The song itself was inspired by a line from Wilco‘s “Wilco (the song)”:

this is aural arms open wide, a sonic shoulder for you to cry on

The new video for the song seeks to be a visual representation of this. Opening with Riley busking on a subway, the infectious song soon has the riders rocking and dancing to the track, leading into a vibrant, fantasy sequence that begins blending into the real world. Using stylish outfits and minor special effects, the video pops out brightly, but it’s Lesch’s full-on, tongue-in-cheek performance that really sticks the landing.

Watch the video above and stream the EP on Spotify!

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