Cover Corner: Oh Susanna – I’ve Got Dreams to Remember

When people think about Otis Redding, the first song their minds go to is “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay”. There’s no arguing that track is a classic, but my personal favorite has always been the more searching “I’ve Got Dreams to Remember”. That title alone has always held some power to me, and while my interpretation of it may hold more meaning to me than what the song actually intends, that wonderful thing about music is that it is free to be interpreted in the way the listener sees fit.

What makes Canadian artist Oh Susanna‘s acoustic take on the song special is the pining and longing evoked in her voice. Sung over a stripped down instrumentation, with light piano, guitars and moseying drums, Oh Susanna switches the song’s pronouns and makes the heartbreak ballad her own in a very effective way.

Take a listen and hear for yourself.

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