Check This: Jon Reynolds & The Aches – Love Blind

“Sometimes it takes a long time to sound like yourself.”

The above quote from Miles Davis has been a guiding force for Nashville based musician, Jon Reynolds‘, journey to finding himself in his sound. He had success with his two singles from 2018, “Undertow” and “Tomorrow’s News,” and decided it was time to hunker down, so he buried himself in the studio after signing with the UK’s Frictionless Music.

Those efforts have lead him towards the release of his first EP, Petrichor, which was due out Sept. 4th but has been pushed to January 2021 due to a label merger/buy out. The word “petrichor” refers to the smell of earth after rain breaks a long drought. I love this analogy, and I can smell that scent even as I type. Breaking his drought since 2018, Reynolds has been releasing singles leading up to his EP.

If his recent single, “Love Blind,” is any indication, I think the rest of the EP is going to be a delightful musical experience. Jon Reynolds says about this single –

“It was the first song I wrote after the pandemic shut everything down. I was discovering how much I had compressed myself in order to maintain the work schedule I had volunteered for over the last two years. I was finding my voice again. I was connecting the artist back to the art. ‘Love Blind’ was born out of that reconnection. As I allowed my mind to rest, memory – and the emotion associated with that memory – came back to me. I was able to connect more personally to my own experiences which led to more granular lyrics. It’s not another heartbreak song. It is a commentary looking back on what the first heartbreak creates in a person and the undeniable truth that you are permanently changed after experiencing it.”

Check out “Love Blind” in our Check This 2020 Playlist!

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