World Watch: I SEE RIVERS

Country: Norway/United Kingdom

I’ve always been a sucker for vocal harmonies, and I love it when a group of women come together and deliver a fun, yet hauntingly beautiful, vocal blend. The members of I SEE RIVERSLill, Gøril and Eline – all originally hail from Norway, but they met while going to school in Liverpool. Their debut album, Deep & Rolling Green, is 7 years in the making, with some of the writing having started back when the three were still in college. All three of the band members write songs for the group, and they each took to writing songs individually for this album. This gives the listener a fun variety of styles from song to song, while still keeping a unique style that belongs to the band as a whole.

The album dances around a variety of musical offerings. While labeled as “pop music,” there are times they have a folk, new age, or even tribal feel to their music. They remind me of any number of groups from The Wailin’ Jennys, to Imogen Heap, to Adiemus at any given moment – but also not lingering too long on any of those. I SEE RIVERS captures an original sound through the styles delivered by each of the band members, and their debut album is a pleasure to listen to.

You can hear their full debut album on Spotify, and check out a few select tracks on our World Watch playlist below:

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