Music Video: Izzy Heltai – Father

“With brutal honesty towards himself and forgiveness for those around him, Izzy Heltai‚Äôs music walks the elusive line between confessional and relatable.”

Brookline, Massachusetts native, Izzy Heltai, has been a fan of listening to sad songs since he was a kid. Starting with classical piano, he soon became enamored with folk singers such as Joan Baez and Simon and Garfunkel, and began writing his own music as a teenager. In his debut album, Father, he reflects on his journey into discovering himself and how he fits into society as an adult. As a trans artist, he doesn’t want that to be the only thing related to his identity that people fixate on and he tells the stories surrounding living in a society that only wants to focus on one single label. He explores the grey areas in life, as life is simply not just black and white.

In the music video for the album title track, “Father,” he takes home video clips from his own life. The sad melodic song is accompanied by images of an exceedingly happy child, enjoying life, and adds an emotional contrast to the experience for the viewer/listener. It showcases the human experience of joy, sadness, self identity, and reflection.

Enjoy the music video above, and check out Izzy‘s full debut album below:

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