World Watch: Little Winter

Country: Denmark

It makes sense that a Nordic band would want to create music that brings to mind the warm, sun-kissed melodies of bands like The Byrds, and Aarhus-based band Little Winter do just that with their blend of folk and indie rock. Ebullient, poppy melodies and classic production touches give their songs a timeless feel.

In 2019, the group released their debut self-titled EP, with tracks like the melancholy-tinged “A Moment of Your Time” recalling The Beach Boys with its layered melodies and baroque arrangements, and “Summer Never Ends” cascading down with sunny vibes. As the group prepares to release their first full-length album, Wonderlost, in March, they have unveiled their first single, “Julia”. Described by the group’s lead singer as “an ode to the first love and the jumble of feelings that it entails”, the track jangles with sixties-sounding guitars and shimmering keys. There’s an innocence to the harmonious chorus and hand claps that make the song as vibrant and youthful as the first love the song embraces.

Take a listen to a couple of Little Winter‘s tracks in our World Watch Playlist!

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