In Music We Trust / Election Day Playlist

It’s Election Day! Have you voted already? If not, we highly encourage all of you to make your voice heard and go to the polls! Needless to say this is an important election, and whomever you are supporting, you should take part in making your voice heard.

Today is going to be a tough day for many of us to get through. Even knowing that there likely won’t be a final winner by the end of the night, if you’re like me, you’ll be watching the news all day long for any type of update you can get.

The Indy Review is a music site – while we promote many politically-outspoken artists, we try to stay apolitical because we truly believe that music is universal. It’s something that should unite us and bring those of any political affiliation together, which is more important today than ever, when almost everything has been politicized in our society.

When I saw the Rolling Stones a year ago, it was with a group of friends with beliefs across the political spectrum, who all shared a love of one of the greatest rock n’ roll bands to ever grace this earth. When you’re at a concert, you’re not worrying about who the person sitting next to you voted for; you’ll sing along to the next hit with them like with anyone else.

Whoever wins this election, we are going to desperately need to find ways to bring us back together. This won’t be easy and won’t happen quickly, but I know I would prefer to go back to the days when the most serious conversations I had were whether blink-182 was punk or not, or whether the Red Hot Chili Peppers were better pre-Californication or post.

For those of you about to vote, we salute you, and have prepared an Election Day Playlist to keep you inspired and give you something to listen to while in line. Stay safe, stay strong, and don’t be afraid to make your voice heard!

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