Banger of the Week: The Tracks – You People

Los Angeles band The Tracks are carrying on a rich tradition of Chicano bands, playing the rock n’ roll music influenced by their upbringing as the children of undocumented immigrants. Their brand of rock is loud and boisterous, with guitars on full-throttle and proto-punk influences. Part Strokes, part Stooges, the group clearly knows how to make a melodic ruckus, and with their latest single “Your People”, they’ve made a drop-dead banger.

Taking a gnarly swing at racism and racists, “You People” leans heavily towards the Stooges-influences of the band. The furious drumming is front and center, fleshed out by a grimy guitar line. The vocals wail and snarl like 70’s Iggy Pop, and the breakdown at the bridge is simply soul-reviving. It’s a banger to bang your head to, if you’re not in the mosh pit.

Take a listen in our Banger of the Weeks Playlist!

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