EP Review: Call Me Spinster – Call Me Spinster

It’s hard to pin down the music of Call Me Spinster. Composed of three sisters from Chattanooga, TN, who began their career as a cover band tackling popular pop, R&B and boy band songs, Call Me Spinster soon realized there was a special chemistry to their harmonizing and began writing their own music, incorporating their unique influences and unorthodox instruments to find a sound that traverses genres.

The first track on their self-titled debut EP, “Here You Are” is a perfect reflection of this amalgamation of sonics. The use of a stand-up bass, drums and plucky piano chords create a retro foundation to back the sisters’ 60’s girl group vocals. With lyrics like “Where did you come from? Shoebox and sugar plums”, the song’s light, breezy melodies make it a delightful confection.

And while that opener shines brightly, second track “Stop, Wait” ventures into a moody club lit by red and purple neon. Grooving along with sultry R&B vocals over quick, jazzy riffs, “Stop, Wait” elicits smooth, mellow vibes to break down the sugary high of “Here You Are”. The EP then takes another sharp left turn with “Long Hard Day”. Opening as a toasty ballad, with wearied vocals pining “It’s been a long hard day, I’m coming home to you”, the mood shifts as an accordion enters and transforms the song into a jaunty waltz, before returning to the angelic harmonies for the song’s denouement.

As the EP continues, one can hear elements of Bossa nova, Spanish guitar, doo-wop and folk pop, all filtered through Call Me Spinster‘s savvy approach to songwriting. At times the record does feel under polished, with tracks like “Stop, Wait” and “Two Hearts” not quite reaching the pristine pop heights of songs like the bubbly closer “Morning”, but this can certainly be attributed to the learning curve of a group’s first record.

The full EP drops on December 11th, and you can stream “Here You Are” now!

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