Check This: World News – Lend Me Your Brain

Artist: World News

Song: “Lend Me Your Brain”

Album: Job and Money EP

Label: Pie & Mash

Genre: Rock, Indie, Alternative

North London trio World News released their debut EP this last September. Inspired by a relationship breakdown, the trio recorded their album in the confines of their warehouse living quarters. Preceding the release of the album, the group dropped first single “Lend Me Your Brain”.

The twisting and turning single stands out with it’s tropical-tinged, intricate guitar work and understated vocals, coasting over a subtle rhythm. Per the band, “Lend Me Your Brain” “scales the dizzy heights of anxiety, self-doubt and the reckless abandonment of self-health.” Even when addressing these traumatic elements, there remains something purely escapist in the track’s irresistible melody.

Take a listen to the track as our first addition to the new Check This 2021 Playlist!

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