World Watch: Vinok

Country: Ukraine

The Ukraine is not a country you necessarily think of when you think of indie rock. But that what makes Vinok so unique. With a goal of using their music to fight for social change, while addressing topics like disability rights to feminism, politics and religion, Vinok have already made large strides since forming in early 2019.

Their latest single “Elephant Girl” has bluesy vocals and tribal drums, and looks at the story of transformation and spiritual awakening of a female person with a disability. With a foot-stomping rhythm section, and a fierceness to lead singer Nathalie’s singing, the song is undeniably powerful. Another stand-out from the group is “House”, from their 2019 EP Wise Blood. A swooning and soulful alt rock track that builds to a fiery finale, the track has gripping guitar riffs and irreverent lyrics (“the anti-christ will wipe away my sins”) that highlight Vinok‘s fearlessness.

Discover this great new artist in our World Watch Playlist!


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