Check This: Slugs – Super Sane

Artist: Slugs

Track: “Super Sane”

Label: Wolf Milk

Genre: Alternative, Rock, Indie

A four-piece alt. rock band from Los Angeles, Slugs have only been around for a couple years, but they’ve already released two EPs and toured with artist like LP, Jessica Lea Mayfield and Joywave. At the tail-end of last year, the group released their latest single “Super Sane”.

About the song, singer/songwriter/guitarist Marissa Longstreet says:

“A friend of ours died in a motorcycle accident on St Patrick’s day. Another friend of mine had just had a baby. At the time, I was celebrating the birth of a new life and mourning the loss of someone who didn’t feel gone yet. I wrote this while processing that conflict—trying to convince myself and others “I feel fine” while unravelling.”

The track, stemming from both tragedy and joy, manages to capture this dichotomy perfectly. The warm, emotional vocals maintain an air of aloofness. There is a delicacy to the arrangements that keep the mood somber, even as the pristine harmonies, cozy acoustic guitars and a (possibly) flute/recorder solo adds beatific textures. As Longstreet ends the track repeating “One was born and one died”, it works as both her personal conflict, and a more universal statement about the confusion life can bring.

Take a listen to the single in our Check This 2021 playlist!

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