Music Video: De’Wayne – I Know Something

Alternative singer/rapper De’Wayne has been dropping singles since 2016, building a rep as a fresh, unique voice crossing over between scenes. Whether singing R&B-flavored jams, or guesting on raging punk tracks with Anti-Flag, he’s clearly an artist that can’t be pigeon-holed and stands out wherever he is.

And in the video for his latest single “I Know Something”, standing out is just what De’Wayne does. The artist describes the cutting, rap/aggro-punk track as “…a reflection of my nature. I find that most times before anything happens, like a big change, you personally have to embody that. Write it down or even say it out loud… and that’s exactly what I’m doing on this record”. The visual accompanying the song starts as a fish-out-of-water story, finding De’Wayne visiting his girlfriend’s family, discovering she was adopted by a rich, WASPy clan. Never attempting to conform or change, the artist finds himself competing against the father in basketball and tennis, being seduced by the aunt, and getting the whole family to party with him.

Definitely watch until the end to see granny shred on the guitar and check out the dad’s dance moves. Watch the video above and stream the track here.

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