Check This: His His – Winter Journal

Artist: His His

Song: “Winter Journal”

Genre: Folk

Canadian artist Aidan Belo, performing under the name His His is a brand-new folk singer/songwriter. “Winter Journal” is his second single released following “Matador” last year. Recorded in his parents’ barn, the lyrics are taken from an actual journal he found from his younger days.

The song is stripped back and pared down, full of airy guitars and His His’s soft, clean vocals. There’s a warmth and a vulnerability to his singing that makes the record feel intimate and personal, like sharing secrets, like, well, reading his journal. It’s hard to find the right headspace to listen to winter music in Los Angeles but I keep coming back to this song. The vocals shine over instrumentation that’s sparse but never missing anything. His His allows the song to breathe without ever dragging or getting lost in its own ruminations.

Take a listen in our Check This 2021 Playlist:

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