Music Video: Rence – Endless

Rence is carving himself space in the music world through sheer will and hard work. He managed to graduate NYU in 3 years while bussing tables at night, working at a recording studio, doing two internships and making and independently releasing music. Releasing his major label debut single in 2019, he’s garnered tens of millions of streams, and most recently released “Endless”. A mid-tempo alt. pop number that has an instantly infectious chorus that inspires feel-good vibes.

And further showing his growth as an artist, Rence has just released a big budget, cinematic music video for the track. As Rence sings about past dreams of his life turning out like a movie, he soon finds himself in his television, living in the world of the black and white movie he’s watching. He soon has his own Pleasantville moment, as he walks between the black and white and color worlds, and finds himself wandering through crime, romance, stoner comedy and super hero genres all happening at once.

It’s refreshing to see an artist take a leap and make a music video that visualizes their song in ambitious and imaginative ways. Watch the video above, and stream the track here!

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