Music Video: Hoist the Colors – Something More than This

I’m from Chicago and I love Celtic punk, so when Chicago’s Very Own Flatfoot 56 came through LA and played the Viper Room (a couple of years ago now…?) damn right I was going to be there.

I showed up early because I wanted to raise a pint or two while catching the opening acts, and I’m glad I did. Because LA was able to represent with Hoist the Colors. They tore the place up; it was a great start to a great show. They describe their sound as “a blend of punk rock, traditional Irish music, Americana, and bluegrass.” That sums it up pretty well. In terms of an opener for Flatfoot 56, they were an excellent fit.

I dug the Hoist the Colors set enough to grab a t-shirt. In the dark of the Viper Room, it seemed like a black shirt, like pretty much everything else I wear. So I was slightly shocked — shocked — to find the next day that it was, in fact, a very dark blue. But after I got past the initial reaction, I decided it was nice to change things up a bit.

Looking at this video… The song itself is a good one-shot example of what the band has to offer. And I have a fondness for videos built around footage of the band hanging/traveling around. (See also: Iron Maiden‘s “Wasted Years.”) Specifically, it’s a nice reminder of the evening when I discovered this band. More generally, it’s a reminder of why catching live shows is fun, and gives us something to which we can all look forward.

Hoist the Colors is good music and I like it.

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