Check This: Minna Ora – Sea

Press Photo 3

Artist: Minna Ora

Song: “Sea”

Genre: Alt. Pop, Orchestral Pop, Chamber Folk

Maybe it’s because a month or so ago I finally got around to watching “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga,” and then this song hit my inbox that I decided it was worth checking out. Ora is a new artist out of Finland who has been releasing singles through the later part of 2020. She has really strong vocals and interesting lyrical composition.

Ultimately what I like most about this track is the orchestration – opening with a strummed acoustic guitar before the drums, cymbals, and some strings fill in. By the chorus, an electric guitar joins and the entire mood of the song becomes full and more epic. But Ora’s voice is always the star and she’s never overpowered by the rest of it. It’s just foreign enough to be interesting without being inaccessible. If, like me, you’re in the mood for something that would be right at home on the Eurovision stage, check this track and artist out.

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