Music Video: Jimkata – Roots Down

Three piece indie rock group Jimkata have built a fanbase around their synth-driven, eclectic sound over six albums released, and their latest single “Roots Down” heralds their forthcoming seventh album Bonfires. The track’s ebullient percussion and hard-driving synths make it a fun and lightly funky party that puts a sweet candy coating over the longing and confusion in the lyrics.

For the video for “Roots Down”, Jimkata teamed with animator/director Caleb Cowie at Labtab to created hybrid live action/animation world for the song to live in. Filled with quirky animals and vibrant colors, the video follows one bird creature’s search for a mate as it travels through pristine forests and psychedelic landscapes, all while animated versions of the band pop up to perform the track. It’s a visual delight and fits perfectly with the song’s upbeat rhythms and off-kilter sound.

Watch the video above and stream the track here!

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