BANGER OF THE WEEK: Storm Seeker – “Shoot This Ship Down”

There are two flavors of nautically themed metal: viking metal, and pirate metal. While there are some differences, both sub-genres share a propensity for songs about violent people on water-borne vessels, and drinking.

Storm Seeker is pirate metal. Like other bands in this space (Alestorm being perhaps the best well-known), they might be loosely lumped in with the larger crowd of folk metal acts, due to the fact that they include instrumentation outside the standard rock/metal set-up. There is a cello. There is a nyckelharpa. There is an accordion. And… there is a hurdy gurdy. In fact, the press materials in support of Storm Seeker’s new LP, Guns Don’t Cry, promise hurdy gurdy solos.

(Pirate metal) + (hurdy gurdy solos) = joy in my heart.

This band is from Dusseldorf! They are a relatively fresh act, having first formed in 2013, released their first studio recording (the Pirate Scum EP) in 2016, their first LP Beneath the Cold in 2019, and now bring us the pirate-flavored goodness of Guns Don’t Cry via NoCut Entertainment.

Storm Seeker has released several videos in support of the album, including “Shoot This Ship Down,” which is nicely moody, shot against a black background. Timothy Abor is on lead vocals and bass; Olaf Abor gives us guitar and vocals; Sandy McGnomsen offers vocals, cello, and nyckelharpa; Ughar der schrecklich Durstig plays keyboards; and Fabi — just Fabi — rounds out the crew with vocals, a recorder, and those sweet, sweet hurdy gurdy solos. The album was recorded, mixed, mastered, and co-produced by Marius ‘Olaf‘ Bornfleth.

I love pirate metal; it’s good-mood music for yours truly. I’m always looking for new bands in the sub-genre, and I’m happy to have discovered Storm Seeker. They give us yet one more excuse to drink rum. This week’s Banger, “Shoot This Ship Down,” does a lovely job of providing a little bit of everything an eclectic band like Storm Seeker has to offer.

Take a listen to the track in our Banger of the Weeks Playlist!

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