Throwback Thursday: Patti Smith – April Fool

When most people realize it’s the first of April, they immediately either start planning a prank to pull on a friend or family member, or get cautious and start looking out for a prank wherever they go.

I on the other hand, start hearing Patti Smith‘s song “April Fool” in my head. The lead single from her 2012 album Banga (see my review of it from way back in the day here), it was a surprisingly melodic, beautifully romantic pop rock track that was Smith at her most accessible.

“Come, be my April fool. Come, we’ll break all the rules” she sings to a lover to one else can compare to. It retains the rebellious spirit that has made Smith the queen of punk, yet is a fitting song for the start of Spring and brighter days ahead.

Take a listen here:

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