Lost Gems: G-Whiz – Okay

Sometimes you hear a song and it sounds like it was crafted simply to please your ears. This is what I felt the first time I heard “Okay” by g-whiz. The thing is, I can’t quite remember how I found this song, or when I first heard it. It just feels like one of those tracks that have been in my head forever and every once in a while it pops back in.

And I also can’t say I know much of anything about g-whiz. The band’s EP is grouped on Spotify with a pop-punk band of the same name that started in the late 80’s, but the bands sound too different to be the same group (Spotify is also grouping a reggae/pop track from a third G-Whiz on the same page, showing some page curator is not doing their job). All four songs on The Frank Henderson EP are solid, super-catch bubblegum garage rock bops, but nothing sticks quite as incessantly as “Okay”.

“Well I saw her standing there with that bow in her hair. She was looking right at me and then she stopped” opens the song over fuzzy power chords. The lyrics are simple and stupid catchy. The lo-fi recording gives the record an underground charm, and it sounds like the band is having as much fun singing the song as we are hearing it.

Whoever or wherever this g-whiz is, I thank them for this small gift of music they created in the early 2000’s, and hope they one day show themselves again.

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