Music Video: Trade Wind – Die! Die! Die!

Trade Wind have proven themselves superb songwriters, and as they prepare to share their latest album The Day We Got What We Deserved this May, they’ve previewed their upcoming work with new single “Die! Die! Die!”. The atmospheric track incorporates chill acoustic guitars and trip hop beats for mesmerizing effect. Equally hypnotic is the new video for the track, which finds lead singer Jesse Barnett brutally murdering people while emotionlessly performing the track.

Speaking about the vide, Barnett said:

“To put simply, ‘DIE! DIE! DIE!’ is about the choices being faced by every person who’s living through this current hellscape that we call ‘civilized society.’ With the video we wanted to try and visualize how the capitalist system can’t be stopped without people coming together. Are we brave enough to stop this system and its programming? AND are we creative, thoughtful and loving enough to put something more productive in its place? Not productive in terms of output but productive in terms of making something that better suits and serves the people and the planet. I’m a sucker for a love story as well as an underdog story so I believe it’s possible. I have to. If the choice for me is to decide between this homicidal capitalist power structure that does nothing but turn people, communities, our friends and families into high outputting robots, or freedom for working people—then there’s nothing else to talk about. To the capitalist system I say: DIE! DIE! DIE!”

Whether you glean Barnett’s broader meaning from the video, or just find yourself captivated by the juxtaposition of the engrossing indie song and violent visuals, it’s still very much worth a watch. Check out the video above, and stream the track here.

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