Check This: Pink Laundry – Seasonal Depression

Artist: Pink Laundry

Song: “Seasonal Depression”

Genre: Electronic Rock, Indie Rock, Electric Rock

Judah Akers, frontman for indie folk band, Judah & the Lion, has been cranking out the jams since 2011. Despite Judah & the Lion being heavily folk rock inspired, it has taken some dives into other genres from time to time (“folk hop”), so you can tell that Akers musical exploratory nature has always been there. Within the last year he’s been writing a lot of music that he felt just didn’t have a proper fit with Judah & the Lion, and rather than forcing it onto that band he decided to start side musical projects for the release of these songs – thus, Pink Laundry was born to support his love of “bat shit crazy electric rock music,” as he coined it. Pink Laundry isn’t his only side project, as he’s found a home for his more gospel Christian side under the umbrellas of JUDAH. and Harp + Arrows.

Of all of these side projects I do enjoy Pink Laundry the most. Akers has an ear for fun rhythms and electronic sounds, and this project really allows him to showcase those talents. The latest release from Judah & the Lion, Pep Talks, began some deep dives into talks about mental health, and Akers continues that dive with the release of his Pink Laundry single, “Seasonal Depression.”

“In a world that can feel very dark and hopeless, it’s important to talk about how shit feels,” says Akers. “In therapy, I sometimes hear ‘it’s just seasonal’ and that response can feel so clinical. Writing this song helped me pinpoint where my depression was coming from – it’s about understanding the darkness but wanting more. We are all on a shared journey to mental health (especially with Covid), and I wanted to remind everyone that it’s okay to dive into the sadness. But also – let’s fucking get up.”

I do hope that with these side projects he won’t totally abandon the legacy created by Judah & the Lion, but there is no rule that says artists can’t release as much music that they wish, especially with modern technology making the ease of release much more simple for self produced music. If you have something to say, use your voice and say it – and if you do so in a way that is also a delight to the ear, and it gets your spirit pumped and your body moving, then all the better. Pink Laundry is proving to be a fun and uplifting way for Akers to express these musical sides of himself and I look forward to what is coming from him with this project.

Listen to “Seasonal Depression” on our Check This 2021 playlist below:

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