Comeback Alert: Kings of Convenience – Rocky Trail

The first time I heard the Kings of Convenience was when visiting a friend in college. The lightly tropical, folky indie pop of the Norwegian duo’s music was instantly pleasant, sounding like the soundtrack to a tropical island getaway, or laying on your back on a sail boat on a sunny day.

The last time the group released an album was 2009’s Declaration of Dependence, and with such a long break, it felt like that would be the last we heard from the group. I am thankful to have been wrong.

After a twelve year wait, the Kings of Convenience have returned with the new track “Rocky Trail”, and it sounds like not a day has passed for the songwriters. The soft acoustic guitars and airy violins instantly recall the Kings warm, lush older tracks, and their pitch-perfect harmonizing is instantly recognizable.

The track also has a little more kick to its step in the solo vocal delivery, while the lyrics deliver some romantic fantasizing (“I should have carried you to the top of the rocky trail”). It’s a perfect return for the group, and a nice preview of their upcoming album Peace of Love.

Listen to their latest track here!

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