Check This: Magnolia Park – Back on My Bullshit

Artist: Magnolia Park

Song: “Back on My Bullshit”

Album: Dream Eater EP

Genre: Pop Punk, Punk, Emo

As TikTok has become the latest platform for breaking musicians, I have found myself wading through its strange environment more often to see what is happening there. Plenty of lip sync videos, off-putting pranks, emo fashion…and occasionally some legitimate music. I came across a portion of the video for Florida pop punk band Magnolia Park‘s video for “Back On My Bullshit”, with the band asking viewers to make it the biggest song in the world. Lucky for them, the track is solid and worthy of some good attention.

Off the group’s debut mixtape Dream Eater, “Back On My Bullshit” (featuring iamjakehill) is catchy from the offset, with the vocals falling somewhere in between punk and modern auto-tuned hip-hop in delivery, with the pre-chorus building into a head-bang-worthy chorus. Sung from the POV of someone who is finding themselves falling back to old habits after a period of positive growth (“Yeah, I’m back on my bullshit, doin’ all my old tricks / Callin’ out on my shit, searchin’ for my next fix”), the narrator goes down a dark path as he further unravels (“I’ve hung my head, I’m sick of wastin’ breath / I’ve come to realize life is only chasin’ death”), but the slamming drum beat powers the track – never letting it become overly morose.

Check out this new punk anthem in our Check This 2021 Playlist!

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