Music Video: oddCouple – Enemies (feat. theMIND)

The latest track released off his upcoming album Reflections, “Enemies” finds Chicago musician and producer oddCouple teaming with vocalist theMIND for a moody, reflective piece of alt. R&B. Built off a sample of distorted vocals and a mellow guitar line, oddCouple‘s emotive vocals breeze along the beat with lyrics about “defeating the false narratives and negative projections in one’s own mind”. Accompanying the new track is a mind-bending, allegorical western/sci-fi CGI video.

As we follow a silvery protagonist on the run from metallic gunslingers in a psychedelic desert, the video cuts to imagery of the inner-workings of a clock falling apart, a statuesque vision of the protagonist, and the silver man’s body after being shot by the gunslingers. About the song, oddCouple said:

“Enemies is an introspective vision, shared by theMIND and I, brought to life. It’s a mantra about the path to self-realization and the accountability and clarity it comes with; taking ownership of your life, your thoughts, your actions, and thus, the moment. We’re exploring the “enemies” that we, ourselves, create in our minds, the ones we manifest with our own energy, and all of our internal struggles to battle our own self-destructive tendencies.”

The video, directed by the New Trash Crew, perfectly captures the introspective vision with its surreal landscapes and battle between these imagined “enemies” and the struggling protagonist battling them. Watch the clip above, and stream the track here.

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