Check This: DR!FTWOOD – 4:45


Song: “4:45”

Label: Right Track Records

Genre: Indie Pop, Alternative, Rock

DR!FTWOOD have been building steam across the pond in the UK, but like so many bands found their movement stunted by the pandemic. Hailing from Preston, the trio write pristine, emotional indie pop rock jams that are deliciously hooky. With the pandemic slowly receding, the group came back with their first new track of 2021 last month, “4:45”.

“You’re just a chemical stuck wrapped round my brain” starts off the track, and pretty soon you’ll find the track equally stuck in your brain. Though stemming from mental strife, with lyrics about waking up drunk, struggling with guilt and contemplating suicide, the track finds a balance between holding onto dramatic resonance while still blasting hard enough to inspire cathartic revelry. Effervescent synths add an 80’s vibe to the moody bass guitar and rising drums that explode on the anthemic chorus.

Take a listen to “4:45” in our Check This 2021 Playlist!

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