Check This: Century Egg – Do You Want to Dance?

Artist: Century Egg

Song: “Do You Want to Dance?”

Album: Little Piece of Hair EP

Label: Forward Music Group

Genre: MandoPop, Garage, Guitar Pop

The elements making up the sound of Halifax-based foursome Century Egg are hard to pinpoint. Having started in 2015, the group has been found a fun and refreshing sound feels truly worldly. On their newest EP Little Piece of Hair, the group delivers songs in English and Chinese, covers a J-Pop song, and shines with their own unique brand danceable rock n’ roll. One of the highlights of the EP is single “Do You Want to Dance?”

“Do You Want to Dance?” is an ecstatic bubblegum guitar pop jam. The group has declared the track somewhat of a mission statement for the group, and it’s a fitting one. The energy is felt from the first ripping chords, calling back to 70’s power pop and stadium rock. Vocalist Shane Kayu Song brings a tweeness to her buoyant delivery, and a pure joyousness to the chorus. And the post-chorus rhythm breakdown is surprisingly tough and dirty. The track builds to a celestial finale that is undeniably cathartic.

Experience the song in our Check This 2021 Playlist!

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