Music Video: Felicity – You Got This

While rockers Felicity certainly take their music seriously, as their latest video shows, they certainly maintain a sense of humor.

The group’s latest single “You Got This” incorporates a moodier atmosphere than their other recent singles, adding in acoustic guitars, gang backing vocals and eerie whistling to mirror the struggles with anxiety and self-doubt the song’s narrator is trying to overcome. It all builds to an empowering, yet not cheesy, chorus (“you got this, as long as you’re breathing, heart beating and gorgeous”). There is certainly a little tongue in cheek humor when they throw in the “gorgeous” there, but the video has no plans to be as subtle.

Going slightly meta, the video finds Felicity preparing to film a music video, though with the singer nowhere to be found. As the singer wakes up late and begins a fraught-filled journey to make it to the shoot, his bandmates begin a search for a new singer, finally finding one they think will work out. Does he? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

Check out the video above, and stream their new single here!

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