Banger of the Week: Oh The Humanity! – At Our Lowest

Formed in 2012 in Massachusetts, Oh The Humanity! have been bringing together their punk, metal and hardcore influences to create their own blend of steel-hard, melodic rock n’ roll music. On their new self-titled album, they have excellently succeeded.

The songs on Oh The Humanity are fast, hard, but retain just enough pop savvy to balance the rougher elements. While tracks like “Everyone in Gainesville (Looks Like Someone I Know)” bring an extra dose of melody and even some humor into their sound, and tracks like “Altruism Born of Suffering” showed off their forceful percussion and metal guitar licks, I had to deem album started “At Our Lowest” as the Banger of the Week.

The opening riffs move from grunge chords to delirious metallic lines that insist on head banging. The vocals keep a darker undertone that is unleashed on the fiery, post-hardcore chorus. As it caps off with the lyrics “It’s never too late, we’ll carry on”, you will picture yourself crowd surfing in the center of a packed pit, arms pumping in the air. And it will feel right, cause that’s what a true, exhilarating banger should inspire.

Rise to the occasion and listen to the track in our Banger of the Weeks Playlist!

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