Cover Corner: Bleu & Mike Taylor – All Right Now (Right Now) (Free Cover)

“All Right Now” is one of those classic rock songs that have endured throughout the years thanks to ad placements and syncs, even as people have come to forget who actually wrote the song (the track is by late-60’s rockers Free). It feels like one of those tracks long overdue for a reconsideration, and it seems that critically acclaimed pop songwriter Bleu and songwriter/rapper Mike Taylor agreed, as the two have taken on the track and completely revitalized it.

Adding in seismic horns and hand claps with epic production elements, one might think you’re listening to a completely new song. The upbeat hip hop verses take the original in new lyrical directions, with the iconic chorus boosted up with hard-hitting EDM breaks. The whole song feels bigger and more monumental than ever before, and could easily be an anthem for the Olympic Games this summer (or at least has a future being broadcasted throughout stadiums across America for future sporting events).

Take a listen to this epic new take on the track here!

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