Check This: Jeen – Better Drugs

Artist: Jeen

Song: “Better Drugs”

Album: Dog Bite (Oct 2021)

Label: Red Brick

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative

Indie rock singer-songwriter Jeen O’Brien is an artist in demand. Her self-produced songs have been used in a number of commercials, television shows and films, and along with her solo work, she is also a member of Cookie Duster with Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene. She’s released four albums since 2015, and this October will be releasing her fifth, Dog Bite, containing her latest single “Better Drugs”.

Released in early May, the song opens with heavy guitar riffs and a classic-rock melody that spaces out to allow Jeen‘s melodic, emphatic vocals to take center stage. Written as a response to watching “the world burn”, and recorded only two days after the sudden death in her family, the track definitely carries an emotional weight, and seems to be searching for an answer through the haze of all the global clutter. While the sound has some slacker-rock vibes, there’s no antipathy here.

It’s a strong song and one you should check out in our Check This 2021 playlist!

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