Check This: Shane Cloutier – Maybe

Artist: Shane Cloutier

Song: “Maybe”

Album: Lie to Me ‘Til It’s Over

Genre: Acoustic, Folk

Label: 5th Crown Music

Though carrying heavy metal as one of his influences, Canadian alt-folk singer Shane Cloutier‘s recent solo work has been largely acoustic, garnering him the alter-ego #badassofacoustic. Turning towards this style of music after facing a tragedy in his life and in need of healing, his music reflects this emotional process through his plaintive vocals and soulful playing.

The latest single from his recently released album, “Maybe”, is a great example of Cloutier’s thoughtful playing style and heartfelt lyrics. There’s a hint of jazz in the opening finger-picked chords, but as the pre-chorus smoothly takes over, it sets things up for a pained chorus. Lyrics like “No more goodbyes, I’m not sure we were living here. I’m not quite sure if we’re sleeping or passing by” signal a feeling of being lost in the midst of a difficult time, and Cloutier’s delivery of the lines will easily seep into your soul.

Check out this beautiful track in our Check This 2021 Playlist.

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