Music Video: Emperors Night – Tidal Romance

It’s not often that three lads from New Zealand, who you’ve never met before, come over and wash your car for you. However, that’s exactly what’s been happening all around Los Angeles for many folks, much to their surprise and delight. It started with a basic scroll through Instagram for me. A comedian who I really enjoy, Rhys Darby, was sent a flyer that read:

Want a free car wash? We are a rock band from New Zealand. If you follow us on Instagram we will wash your car for free. Literally.

Being the good former band manager that Rhys is (see Flight of the Conchords), he gladly had the band over to wash his car and promoted for them on his Instagram. I certainly couldn’t pass up this offer of a free car wash in Los Angeles, so I headed over to the band’s Instagram, gave them a follow, and sent them a message.

The band doing these good deeds around LA is known as Emperors Night, and the three brothers it consists of – Anand, Bud, and Dhyan. They showed up to my house, as promised, and got to work washing my car, all while playing their music for ambience. During the wash time, I learned that they’ve come to Los Angeles just this year direct from Toronto (where they’d been living for a bit), and are trying to get the word out about their music and their band. This is how their car wash idea was birthed.

Emperors Night‘s Instagram and TikTok are filling up with photos and videos of all of the washes they’ve been doing around LA. If you look carefully, you may find a video of me winning at their “toss a sponge into the bucket” game. It was truly a pleasure to have them over – not just because my car was clean by the end of their visit, but because they were a delight to chat with and I love their energy, enthusiasm, and passion for getting word out about their music.

Their car wash promotion seems to be panning out well for them so far, as they’ve been featured on the news and in print already, and are gaining their following on social media. They’ve also met some high profile people during their washes, including someone in the music industry who allowed them to film their new music video for free. They scored a stunning location (formerly owned by Barry Gibb, co-founder of the Bee Gees), a great actor for their video (Stefanie Rozhko), and a talented cinematographer (who previously filmed videos for Daft Punk, The Rolling Stones, and Guns n’ Roses).

The finished product of this video for their latest single, “Tidal Romance,” is available for your viewing pleasure at the top of this blog. Enjoy the gorgeous views, the cute storyline, and the catchy jams from Emperors Night. If you want to have your car washed, they are still going strong! Just head to their Instagram, give them a follow (@emperorsnight), and send them a message! They told me that they have a lot more music to release, including their debut album! After you watch the music video, catch “Tidal Romance” below on Spotify (& give them a follow while you are there):

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