Banger of the Week: Bullpup – Veronica Sawyer’s Big Day Out

Massachusetts band Bullpup have only been around for a few years, but based on their latest single, “Veronica Sawyer’s Big Day Out”, off their upcoming album Be Evil, they’ve honed in on their sound masterfully, and are showing they’ve got the lyrical substance to back-up their fleshed out sound.

Immediately recalling My Chemical Romance‘s multilayered, expanded sound on The Black Parade, Bullpup bring a theatricality to this melodic emo/post-hardcore song. From the pure punk piano during the initial verses, to the back-and-forth vocals (traded with Small Pools‘ Glynnis Brennan), the track feels gigantic. Broken up into multiple parts as well, there’s a grand complexity to the composition, and all the musicians get a chance to shine, but what makes the track truly relevant is its message.

“Welcome to the boys’ club” opens the track sardonically, as the song takes aim at homophobia, transphobia and sexual assault, making Brennan’s addition to the track all more crucial, as she takes over the narrative for the song’s finale. Though progress has been made, recent reveals in the #MeToo movement have shown that misogyny and assault remain a prevalent bane even in the scenes and musical communities thought to be progressive and woke, so it’s important for those in the scene to fight back harder against these abuses.

So kudos to Bullpup for this very worthy banger. Check it out in our Banger of the Weeks Playlist!

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