Music Video: Left Vessel – Your Winter

If you are looking for a short and sweet tune then look no further, because Left Vessel has you covered! This song is featured on Left Vessel‘s debut LP, One (and Driftless), which came out on June 25th, 2021. “Your Winter” perfectly captures that moment when two people experiencing different seasons in their life can still find solace together.

Oregon-based indie folkster, Nick Byron Campbell, is the artist behind Left Vessel, and he’s put his full creativity and connection with nature to use in creating the music for his debut album.

Once (and Driftless) features several tracks recorded with trees (tracks 1, 3, 5, and 7), complete with ambient sounds of the forest in the background–chirping birds, fluttering wings, and feet keeping time on crunchy, fallen leaves. Nick used his own unique instrumental creation he dubbed ‘the arbow.’ The arbow (a play on the Spanish word ‘arbol,’ for tree) is a live tree that is strung, bowed or plucked, and amplified—all in a way that doesn’t damage the tree. The core idea is to find a way of making ‘non-extractive”’music: music that doesn’t hurt our world but works with it. Here’s a video where you can see Nick fashioning and performing with the arbow:

The music of Left Vessel will carry you away to a state of relaxation, reflection and connection. The video for “Your Winter” is a delightful accompaniment to the song. The animations make the video flow almost like a children’s storybook, which works perfectly with the song.

Enjoy the video above, and check out the song on Spotify below:

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