Banger of the Week: You, Me, and Everyone We Know – draggedacrossconcrete (feat. Colins “Bear” Regisford)

The East coast punk band You, Me, and Everyone We Know has been a mainstay of the scene since releasing their first album in 2010. Fronted by Benjamin Liebsch, they are a group I’ve been aware of for a long time, but haven’t spent much time with until now. Musically, the group’s catalogue vacillates between emo-laced pop-punk, and a more frenetic and ragged punk rock sound, while lyrically addressing personal issues but through a more universal lens.

YMAEWK’s latest single, “Draggedacrossconcrete” bristles with a chaotic, roaring energy that simmers Liebsch throws out phrases he hears differently than they are intended, and which explodes on the chorus. Addressing “mental health/PTSD, addiction, gender/sexuality, as well as the dystopian world we currently live in”, the single slams harder and harder as it bulldozes towards a cathartic finish. Getting an assist from Mannequin Pussy bassist Colin Regisford, the track shows again how the punk scene is finding a resurgence thanks to new points of views (Liebsch identifies as non-binary) and the tackling of topics in the cultural zeitgeist.

There’s a fire in YMAEWK’s latest song that makes it quite the banger, so take a listen to it in our Banger of the Weeks playlist.

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