Check This: The Keystones – Time Will Tell

Artist: The Keystones

Song: “Time Will Tell”

Genre: Indie Pop, Alt Rock

Milwaukee-based alternative/indie pop trio The Keystones have been churning out singles since 2018, garnering over half a million streams on tracks like “Miss Connection” and “2010”. Have shared stages with heavier alt rock groups like Cleopatrick and Reignwolf, the band has proven it can jam out with heavyweights. On their brand new single “Time Will Tell”, they prove they know their way around an inescapable hook.

Blasting off with a sugary guitar riff, what makes the song so sticky is a youthful pop-punk/emo style chorus that sounds like something out of the early 00’s. The innocence and honesty of the lyrics add a layer of vulnerability (“Time will tell, maybe I should just face it, that I don’t know myself”) that prevent the track from being a forgettable piece of power pop fluff. Not that the hand claps and carried melodies don’t make it memorable, but it’s the heart in the song that gives it a lasting impact.

Take a listen to this modern nugget in our Check This 2021 Playlist!

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