Banger of the Week: The Warning – CHOKE

I recently went on a search for new music from female fronted bands that hits hard, and I wasn’t disappointed when I came across the band, The Warning, from Monterrey, Mexico. The Warning consists of sisters Daniela Villarreal (guitar and vocals), Alejandra Villarreal (bass and piano), and Paulina Villarreal (drums) – and, to put it delicately, they wail (in the best of ways)!

The band first went viral a few years ago at the young ages of 16, 13, and 10 when they covered “Enter Sandman” by Metallica, and their sound has only grown since then. I really love the fast, intense, and powerful energy that they’ve developed for themselves with their original material since then. It’s hard to believe that they are still so young (the eldest sister just recently turning 21)!

They’ve done some pretty impressive touring already around North and South America, and I’m looking forward to seeing where things go for these girls. I discovered while writing this article that they are set to play two already sold out (sad) shows at The Troubadour in Hollywood, CA in January. I’ll surely be keeping my eyes peeled for potential tickets opening up for that, because I’d love to see these girls live! They certainly deserve all of the attention that they are getting. In 2020 The Warning signed a five-record deal with Lava Records and became the first Mexican band under a US major label’s wings.

“Choke” is the first big single to be released under that new label. Their first full album with Lava Records is due out later in 2021. Check out this banger of a single on our Banger of the Weeks playlist below:


  1. Choke is very good, but The Warning also released their second single called “Evolve” with an accompanying official music video filmed in 2 hours with 18 iPhones and a drone, which if you think Choke was a banger – then Evolve will melt your face!

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