Banger of the Week: Blind Adam and the Federal League – If I Don’t Make it Home (feat Chris Barker)

With America’s wind-down in Afghanistan currently in process, everyone has had that war on their minds, probably no more than the troops who served there. It makes Chicago punk band Blind Adam and the Federal League‘s new single “If I Don’t Make It Home” all the more relevant to hear.

Written in 2017 following the overdose of Adam Gogola’s friend, who had served in the US Army 82nd Airborne, the song originally had a more alt-country feel, but through the influence of producer/engineer Chris “#2” Barker of Anti-Flag, the song was transformed into a heartfelt punk anthem (and Barker jumped on the track to add his vocal touch).

Gogola’s fierce vocals, over the pumped-up drums and country-punk guitar lines give the track a rough edge, with the shredding solo during the chorus adding that extra slice of rock n’ roll goodness. The chorus becomes grander and more emotional as the track concludes, making it one of the rare songs that can draw a tear even as you’re pumping a fist in the air.

Check out this banger in our Banger of the Week playlist!

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