Check This: David Boyd – Ambush

Danish-born New Politics frontman David Boyd started his career as an artist through dancing, building a connection to music through this form of expression. It was from here where he began writing music and lyrics, moving to American and eventually forming the rock band that blasted to fame with hits like “Harlem”.

As the world slowed down during the pandemic, Boyd used the time to keep writing music, recording for the first time as a solo artist. The first of these tracks to come out earlier in August was “Ambush”. The drums come in powerfully on the track, driving more verve into Boyd’s vocals as he sings “Protect yourself from the ambush. Don’t ever let your guard down” as melodic synths help the force of the song go down easily.

It’s very much the kind of memorable, melodic rock n’ roll Boyd has shown a knack for in New Politics. It’s uplifting in spirit, with plenty of hooks to keep you reeled in. Take a listen to the song in our Check This 2021 Playlist!

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