Music Video: FUR – When You Walk Away Part 1

UK act FUR have always gravitated towards classic songwriting and rock n’ roll in their music, and on their latest single and video, their old school style melds perfectly with a video the hearkens back visually to early and mid-90’s alternative music vids.

Opening with a triumphant riff and jubilant drums, “When you Walk Away Pt 1” lifts spirits from the start. Will Murray’s vocals may be a slightly acquired taste at the offset, hitting a slightly quirky note, but they soon blend in perfectly with the power pop melodies and Beatles-esque harmonies that give the song a throwback feel.

Throughout this, we watch the band move, shimmy and shake in beautifully shot black and white photography. Fish-eye lenses, extreme low-angle shots and steady tracking shots keep the visuals and performance dynamic and engaging. There’s something in how it’s shot that feel similar to some of The Beatles‘ early visuals, even though the band’s performance has the disaffected charisma of Oasis or Stone Roses.

Watch the video above and hear the track here. The band’s new album drops November 5th!

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