Banger of the Week: Oxymorrons – Django

New York’s Oxymorrons have been churning out bangers for ten years now, capturing a sound that will transport you back to the earliest days of hip-hop; when artists like Run DMC and LL Cool J were using rock beats and guitars to power up their brutal flows. In today’s marketplace, Oxymorrons have been called too rock for hip hop, and too hip hop for rock, but there certainly needs to be place in music for a group like this. The group’s songs are not only catchy, but carry messages addressing issues like race, justice and heritage.

Their latest track “Django” carries on this tradition. Per the band:

Django is not only our tribute to 90’s Hip Hop and Rock. It’s about being black and proud. It’s an unapologetic celebration of our melanin. We used Django because so often our society only celebrates fictional embodiments of black resistance, while erasing the actual black revolutionaries throughout global history. The systems in place don’t want us to see ourselves in those that look like us… that fought for our peoples liberation (see Haiti, DR, Africa, etc). We say, fuck that. I look like him, You look like him, We look like him. DJANGO!!!”

Three seconds into the track, you’re hit with drums that feel like a punch in the face. The verses are delivered with a muscular flow, leading up to a haunting chorus spat with punk attitude. This is rap you can mosh to and learn from.

Check out this banger in our Banger of the Week Playlist:

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