Check This: Phillip-Michael Scales – Your Love’s Working Me To the Bone

Artist: Phillip-Michael Scales

Song: “Your Love’s Working Me to the Bone”

Album: Sinner-Songwriter (Releasing 10/29/21)

Genre: Blues, Soul, Indie Rock

It was the influence of an English teacher that inspired Phillip-Michael Scales to pursue songwriting as a career. As he sought to carve his own path, fronting various bands and finding his own voice, the blues slowly seeped into his musical repertoire. That it took this long would be a surprise to some, considering Scales is the nephew of the late, great B.B. King. It wasn’t until his uncle had passed that Scales truly found his own voice in the blues.

Listening to his latest single from his debut album Sinner-Songwriter, it’s easy to hear the blues in his palette, but there is far more to Scales’ sound than that. A lament about leaving a draining relationship, the song embodies a sparse loneliness. A quiet drum beat and claps lay the foundation, while Scales plays a melancholy blues riff. Its Scales’ voice, hauntingly soulful, that carries the gravity here – pulling listeners in with his pained lyrics; “But since I was young, seems like I’m always saving someone. Your love’s working me to the bone”.

Hear this boiling blues track in our Check This 2021 Playlist!

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