Banger of the Week: Pass Away – Halloween

Pass Away came together originally as a side project for members of I Am the Avalanche and Crimes in Stereo, looking to do their own version of melodic punk rock. Starting in Brooklyn back in 2013, what was once simple a side project has taken on a life of its own, with the group readying their second album Thirty Nine. Dropping next month on November 26th, the group has released a perfectly-timed new single called “Halloween”, which should definitely be blasting from your speakers with the holiday right around the corner.

With the guitars cranking out heavy, macabre riffs right from the get-go, the song swiftly finds a melodic hook in the harmonized vocals that carry just enough raspy grit. With lyrics like “You’ll always be my favorite ghost” and “I’m jumping off the fire escape as the city in the distance laughs at me”, it’s sets a morbid atmosphere with a glistening grin. Think Bert McCracken fronting Alkaline Trio.

The track carries a dark, dangerous energy making it a needed banger for Halloween week. Take a listen in our Bangers of the Week Playlist!

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