Check This: The Lord Baltimores – Corazon

The Lord Baltimores is the unlikely collaboration of its two members, R. Jason Vandygriff and David J. Pierce. Pierce, aka DeepEars, is a composer/arranger/trombonist, while Vandygriff, aka RJ5, is a self-taught guitarist and producer. The two met on a project where Pierce was arranging a horn feature on a track Vandygriff was producing, and soon found out they were seeking to work on an original project. And so begun their collaboration, a deep-dive into instrumental music that blends elements of funk, soul, jazz and orchestral compositions.

The perfect lead-off track to their self-titled album is “Corazon”. Filled with glamorously arranged strings, soulful synths and funky horn breaks, the track creates a cinematic atmosphere that could easily soundtrack a 70’s film. Sounding like an amalgamation between the works of Ennio Morricone and Quincy Jones, the music is versatile and engaging throughout.

Check out this sultry swinging new track in our Check This 2021 Playlist!

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