Banger of the Week: Trash Heads – D.N.A.

Take four young men who mostly met in school, give them a shared love of bands like Black Sabbath, Nirvana and Queens of the Stone Age, and give them a drive to craft finely written melodic hard rock, and you get Dartford, Kent’s Trash Heads. After releasing their debut album in 2015, the band spent five years honing their craft while working on the follow Vandalism. The extra time and effort clearly paid off.

Trash Heads have mastered a brand of dark, melodic rock n’ roll that bands like Velvet Revolver and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club brought back to prominence earlier in the millennium. While the album is chock full of powerhouses, the one we dub the banger is “D.N.A.”. The stuttering bass line, angular guitars and violent drumming work to set-up the track’s intricate arrangement. The vocal harmonies are delivered with a searing sneer and snarl, as the frontman sings “We don’t need anyone. At the break of dawn, we were having fun, our eyes are open”. A blistering guitar solo comes in at the bridge, leading into an anthemic final pre-chorus.

Equal parts melody and muscle, “D.N.A.” sounds like a modern rock radio gem from yesteryear. Hear this banger in our Bangers of the Week playlist, and find the full album here!

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