Check This: Margolnick – Watch Me

Drake Margolnick has pushed himself through a few very difficult and life-changing years to get to where he is today. Following doing two albums with his previous band Flagship, Margolnick began a journey of breaking himself down to build himself back up again, that has taken him from Peru to London to Los Angeles, among other places. During his time in London, he worked with producer Eddie Jenkins, and together they wrote the songs that would become Margolnick‘s next album.

Most recently, Margolnick released the funky, alt pop banger “Watch Me”. Built around a groove-filled bass line and Margolnick‘s sultry, falsetto vocals, the track feels like a blend of throwback elements and modern sounds. It could be a sister song to Portugal. The Man‘s mega-hit “Feel it Still”, but lyrically it comes from a more personal place. Singing “restless, won’t sleep, they won’t find me. I won’t lose control”, Margolnick looks back to his past and sturdies himself for his future.

Check out this deliriously good track in our Check This 2021 Playlist!

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